Pong Clock

In the old school Pong © TV game you could put the paddles in such a position, that the ball kept bouncing forever. Quite hypnotic, and it became the inspiration for this time-killer/clock....

The Pong © Clock displays the time, but you can also switch to game mode. This allows you to play a game of Pong © against the clock with the use of two buttons on the back !

The release of the limited edition of 400 Pong Clocks in 2005 created such a hype that it sold out in 1 day. But we've made a free screen saver (PC & Mac compatible) for all that missed it.

Download screensaver

When we created this back in 2005 we did a Google search on the words Pong Clock and it showed no direct hits.

Check what Google says now.

If you are one of the 400 lucky owners of a Pong Clock and experience problems or defects, we offer repairs!

Pong © is a copyrighted trademark by Atari inc.

Design: © 2005 Sander Mulder.
Made in the Netherlands.

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Pong Clock Pong Clock
While this game of Pong © randomly plays, the so called 'players' score the time. The left player scores the hours, and the right player scores the minutes, creating an unusual timepiece, ideal for those Friday afternoon moments.
Pong Clock Pong Clock
The very first Pong Clock prototype ( above ) and the resulting production model ( below ).
Pong Clock