Therese chandelier

This chandelier provides a modern reincarnation of the traditional chandelier where not only the lamps, but the whole body of the fixture emits a magic light.

Part of a family with floor lamp 'Josephine', and table lamp 'Marie-Louise'.

'Therese' is available in a Small, Standard and XL version. For custom sized Therese chanderliers visit this page.

This fixture can be customized with 8 different colour filters.

To order separate Colour Filters please visit this page

Design: © 2005 Sander Mulder.
Lead time: 2-3 weeks.
Made in the Netherlands.

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Therese chandelier Therese XL chandelier
Above: Therese XL.
Therese Small, Therese standard, Therese XL
Above fltr: Therese XL ⌀128 x H117 cm. - Therese ⌀94 x H85 cm. - Therese Small ⌀67 x H60 cm.
Therese chandelier
Above: Therese with Amber colour filter.
Therese chandelier Therese XL chandelier Therese chandelier
Above: Therese. Below: Therese XL.
Therese XL chandelier Therese chandelier